Why Your Mobile UX Design Can’t Wait (And It Better Be Good)

Oct 6

All those people you see around you looking at their mobile devices, they’re not just texting and playing games. They’re getting their work done. They’re tracking their progress on their personal life goals. And they’re doing the research that helps drive purchasing decisions.

People are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to accomplish their personal and professional goals. And they expect the products and tools and mobile solutions they use to keep up.
The Costs of Not Prioritizing Mobile Design

Business budgets are already spread thin and hearing that you absolutely have to invest in one more thing can be maddening. But investing in mobile design really isn’t optional anymore. The costs of not having a great mobile ux are too high.

1. You’re probably losing customers

Google has more data on how people behave online than anyone and years ago they let businesses know that mobile design matters to users1. They want to do everything on their mobile devices, but if you make it even slightly inconvenient, they won’t bother.

2. Your SEO will suffer

If people visit your site on a small screen and have a bad experience, they’ll bounce. Google pays attention to when that happens and penalizes websites2that don’t have an adaptive or responsive mobile design.

3. You’ll lose out on top job candidates

Those other items may not be all that surprising, but I bet you hadn’t thought of this one yet. A CareerBuilder survey found that many top candidates perform their job search on mobile4. Everyone wants to find the best talent, the market is extremely competitive for top candidates. If your mobile website doesn’t work well for them, you could be missing out on some great employees.

4. Your competitors are (probably) already there

Many businesses were slow to embrace mobile at first, but that’s been changing for the past several years. In 2014, 92% of small and medium sized businesses5 said they already had a mobile-optimized website or expected to within the next 6 months.
The Catch: Not Just Any Mobile Solution Will Do

You need the right mobile design for your users not just any mobile solution.

Many businesses out there think they’ve solved their mobile problem because they hired a graphic designer and/or web developer to create their mobile presence. But if you haven’t actually solved your users’ problems, the investment was a waste.

To develop the right mobile solution for your customers, you need to spend some time considering your options and analyzing what your customers need.

The first big question you need to answer: do you need a mobile website or a mobile app? Figuring out the answer to that question is still just a start. For a more thorough understanding of your mobile options, check out our report on the top mobile solutions for businesses.

Or you can just cut to the chase and contact us directly. Every business is different, so you can’t just go off of what somebody else did. Design For Use is a UX / UI company with a team of skilled UX designers with years of experience in mobile design. We can help you figure out what’s best for you and your users.

Posted by: David Richard

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