The Next Big Thing in Travel

Feb 17

Remember when travel involved a lengthy phone call or a physical trip to a travel agent? You probably don’t wish to. When you had to wait for physical airplane tickets to be hand delivered. Where maneuvering dates, reviewing traveler experiences, playing with itineraries was simply-not-imaginable.

And then came the Internet. We could suddenly hang out on websites and buy tickets, compare hotels, play with our itinerary. Online travel agents abounded – the Expedias and Travelocities of the world – and you got to plan (without any iterations with a human) your complete travel.

That was a while ago. Since then, there have been many new products in travel – Couchsurfing, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, OYO – but the booking experience on your end hasn’t changed much. Your options may have multiplied, your prices may have gone down but the experience is the same. You need to enter your destination and select your dates. Yawn.

And there’s already customized travel, experience based travel, shared itinerares, want-to-detox trips, and budget-dictated travel. Food travel. Cultural immersion travel. And etc.

You know what the Travel experience needs? Fresh thinking.

What’s it going to be? We’re excited about social travel. Imagine mining the social data on your networks to see, what you like and comment on, where you go, images that you post/share and where you may like to go next? Perhaps a travel-inspired layer on top of Facebook or an Instagram perhaps. Is that the next frontier?

What about group travel – Where you go to plan a trip with friends or family – How does one person not get stuck with all the grief of building consensus on dates, destinations, budgets? Our latest in-house project is looking to solve exactly this.

We think the Travel experience is ripe for change. The next big thing in Travel… it’s coming.

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  1. Sherry Frosh

    Feb 2, 2017 - 01:10 PM

    Extended family travel? Full neighbourhood travel? Wedding-party-travel?

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