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Sep 15


You’re sitting with friends , driving on the highway or just chilling at home when suddenly you have an idea. It’s a new mobile App or website that you’re positive can solve a real problem.

Things just spiral up from there. SWOT analysis , future projections and these EPIC Designs are all that’s playing in your head. You start noticing the finer things in every app you have and analyze every website you like.

That’s it — you feel your dream will come true and your idea will be the next big thing to be talked about in the hippest digital circles.

Making that dream a reality is where the best of us get stuck! Being from a management, development or a non-design background, we think we can go online , find an epic “hidden talent”-type freelancer and get the ball rolling.

If only it was that simple!.
You soon come to hear of UX Design. I mean design for us only meant a website / app design, so what the hell is this UX?

User Experience or UX is understanding the What , Why , and How your users are going to behave on your App/website. It’s getting the Experience your user’s are expecting right, so that they feel at home and understand the platform the way you imagined it with all its glory in your head.

There are two ways to move forward after this realization dawns. The first way is that we just get it designed which ever way we can and go live , hope that people like it and give you the success you deserve. Second is that you embrace the power of User Experience design and MAKE SURE people will love it and you get your ideas worth.

There is a lot of material online to help you with your journey of understanding UX Design. If you’re not a fan of reading, then try these videos:

Here is one where Don Norman explains how Good Design Makes us happy

How about this by Janne Jul Jensen talking about the methods and techniques used in making good design keeping usability in mind

I had your attention, and now I’m sure I have your curiosity.

Want to get into it much deeper , try reading any of these books to realize the importance and basic know hows of User Experience design.

To begin with , lets try understanding how deep does User Experience go in our lives:

design of everyday things

                                                                                                                                                The design Of everyday things

User Experience works around understanding how people think and function. To get a rundown on things you need to know about people , try this:

ux design , user experience , ux design india

                                                                                                                        100 Things Every Designer need to know about people

The prime objective of epic UX Design is that the user should not have to think while operating and the functioning of the product should come naturally. Maybe this will help with that:

ux design , ux design india , user expereience

                                                                                                                                          Steve Krug – Dont Make Me Think

Hopefully all these resources will help you in understanding the universe of User Experience design and how to make your products Epic.

If you feel that you still need help , feel free to drop us an email  and we will help you make your platform epic and ensure that your website or mobile app will go the distance.

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