Happy New Year! Resolutions for the Tech Addict


Jun 24

It’s that time again – and no, I don’t mean Peanut Butter Jelly Time. It’s New Year’s Resolution time! We know it’s already the middle of January and many of you have probably already broken your resolutions. You’ve started eating sweets again or smoking again or binge-watching Real Housewives of New Jersey again…Well, we’re here to help you get back on track!


Tech addiction is a growing situation all around the world. In fact, last year Japan introduced Internet Fasting Camps to help kids and teens curb their obsession and assimilate themselves back into interpersonal society. And the problem with tech addiction is that it’s nearly impossible to just cut it out entirely – the way you can do with sweets or smoking or Housewives. Chances are you are so intricately bound to your technology that it would effectively ruin your life (or possibly make you lose your job) if you were to extricate it completely.

So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a few tech resolutions that will let you continue to use your technology – but in a good way (and free too!).

1. Lose Those Extra [App] Pounds

Your smartphone and tablet are weighed down with one-hit-wonder apps that you were obsessed with for a week and then forgot about. (Ahem, Draw Something, anyone?) Go through your apps and rid yourself of the excess baggage.

2. Read More [E]-Books


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know you want to set aside more time for yourself to read and expand your mind and feel more intelligent than last year. Go for it! There are gads of free and fantastic e-books out there (see: The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection).

3. Stay in [G]-Touch

You’re feeling bad about letting life and responsibility get in the way of your relationships, especially those long-distance friendships that will never die but could use a little nurturing. G-chat your old friend Alison and find out what’s new.

4. Get a [YouTube] Hobby

You’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano or take up kickboxing or even figure out how to put eyeliner on. YouTube can help. Here’s a start: How to fold a fitted sheet, according to Martha Stewart.

5. Make a [Mint] Budget

You checked out your credit card statements from 2013 and realized you’ve paid nearly a month’s salary in cab fees. It’s probably time to start taking the subway? Plus that’ll give you more time to balance your budget using Mint’s now-vintage app.

Don’t let technology weigh you down in 2014. Use it or lose it! (?)

Posted by: David Richard

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