SxSWi 2013: The Most Interesting People We Met

Mar 14

South by Southwest Interactive is a five-day mashup of learning, networking, partying, and chatting. Information overload is unavoidable. So, to share with you the best stuff we came across, we’ve broken down our takeaways into three sections: The Most Interesting Things We Heard, The Most Interesting People We Met, and The Most Interesting Innovations We Saw. Read on for our people highlights!






7. The Ehrlichs, CEOs of Pirate’s Brand Products and

On Day 1 of the Trade Show, we stumbled upon Shadoobie, a startup that aggregates what you spend your money on and creates a data visualization, which you can then compare to your social networking community’s purchasing behaviors. What was fascinating about these folks is that the CEO of Shadoobie is the seventeen-year-old son of the CEO of those tasty Pirate’s Booty snacks. Father and son were working the Trade Show together, and both were quite charming.


6. Rdio Guys

We met two folks from Rdio, a music streaming service much like Spotify and Pandora, but with a few perks (which, admittedly, you pay for) like creating radio stations that play only one artist and making mix tapes with friends.


5. Powerhouse Animation Guys

2-D animators based in Austin, these guys recently worked on a PlayStation 3 game called Darksiders 2.


4. Metaphwoar Folks

Metaphwoar, “the sexiest metaphor event in London,” came to SxSW this year, and we had a chance to hear them share their favorite metaphors and chat with them a bit. Essentially a forum for talking about metaphors (and analogies and similes), Metaphwoar introduced us to some really funny and really engaging folks, and their take on the world was pretty wacky too.


3. Just Kusko, Social I.D.

Just Kusko, founder and president of Social I.D., showcased a new app she’s created called Askie. It’s kind of like a crowdsourced Magic Eight Ball. You can ask any question – like “Should I apologize to my mom for yelling at her, or yell at her again?” – and the Askie community will answer.


2. Adam Lee

This guy is one of the creative forces behind Bohemian Guitars, oil can guitars inspired by South African music traditions. Very cool and very humble, he took some time to demo his guitar for us and pose for a few photos.





1. Corey Simmons, Club Create

Club Create, which made it to our list of The Most Interesting Innovations We Saw, was co-founded by Corey Simmons, whom we had the opportunity to chat with at the Trade Show. Not only is Corey a super intelligent, super creative innovator, but he’s also a really nice guy who made a really amazing music tool.


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