The Next Big Thing in Travel

Feb 17

Remember when travel involved a lengthy phone call or a physical trip to a travel agent? You probably don’t wish to. When you had to wait for physical airplane tickets to be hand delivered. Where maneuvering dates, reviewing traveler experiences, playing with itineraries was simply-not-imaginable. And then came the Internet. We could suddenly hang out on websites and buy tickets, compare hotels, play with our itinerary. Online travel agents abounded - the Expedias and Travelocities of the world - and you got to plan (without any iterations with a human) your...

When the Twain Shall Meet: Content Strategy and User Research

Jan 7

We are currently engaged in redesigning our own website—a long-overdue undertaking, we know. As the saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes,” and we've been running around barefoot for a while now. As UX professionals ourselves, we know how seriously we have to take our redesign effort and how important it is that we follow our own tried-and-true ADePT process—from ground-up analysis to concept-validating user testing. One of the major tasks in this undertaking, though, is one that is not nested anywhere explicitly within our process: content strategy.   Content is King! Long...

Social Media For Everyone(Even Our Friends in the Public Sector)

Jun 24

Does Social Media Work for Retirement Systems? In the past few years, "social media" has gone from a buzz-word known by few, to a communication tool used by many. Facebook and Twitter dominate as channels for timely and effective communication for hundreds of millions of users across the globe. These individuals represent various industries, interests, hobbies, organizational affiliations and other relationships. While most of us see the value of social media in our personal lives and have embraced it, leveraging social media for our organizations and companies is less prevalent,...

The High Price of Heightened Security

Mar 14

Password Protected How many web passwords do you use a day? How many user names do you have? When you consider the number of sites requiring a login, the number of different usernames applied to those sites, and the various password and security requirements that differ between sites, it’s no wonder that the most common user password is “12345.” We want to access our bank statements, watch Netflix, and view our sister’s vacation pictures easily and quickly. Why then do some sites require a password with a number, a special character, and...

Improve Website UX: Dump The PDFs

Jan 7

The Right Place at the Right Time: When to Use PDFs By now, it has become common knowledge that PDFs are a problematic format for displaying web content. PDFs may be helpful in presenting standardized versions of forms, reports, and other documents intended for printed use, but their online utility ends there. In addition to being unreadable by web crawlers or screen readers, they take too long to load and interrupt a user’s browsing flow. Some web developers continue to rely on PDFs as a way to communicate information to their...