Micromax released AroundYu App Launcher for the Yu Phones

Around YU

Mar 17

AroundYu is a unique service that no other Indian phone maker has even attempted. AroundYu comes bundled with the Yu phone’s Cyanogen CM12 operating system. The YU exclusivity is perhaps accentuated that such a feature isn’t available with other Cyanogen devices like OnePlus One and cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Design For Use (DFU), a small global UX firm, collaborated with Micromax to take the idea from conception to reality. AroundYu is intended to be an always-on launcher that opens by a left swiping from the home screen,...

Behavior-Driven Responsive Design: Making Responsive Work Harder

Jun 24

Last month, we talked about the basics of the buzz-worthy industry trend, responsive design, and how fantastic it is. This month, after gads of discussing and brainstorming, we have an updated perspective on responsive design. Don’t get me wrong—it’s still fantastic. But it could be better. Here’s how.   Recapping Responsive To recap from last month, responsive design basically just takes one uniform code on the back end and, using media queries, breakpoints, and fluid images, changes the layout of the interface to accommodate different screen sizes. It's really cool....

Responsive Design 101: An Introduction to the Future of Your Website

Jan 7

Ever open up a website on your smartphone or tablet and try to click on the “Get Directions” link with your finger and end up calling the place instead? Ever look around for a magnifying glass so you can actually read words on the site? Notice that your own website looks great on an iPhone but terrible on a slightly bigger Android device? Ever wish there was a magical multiple-device design cure? Well, there just might be! It’s called responsive design, and it's all the rage.   What Is It? “Responsive design” is not just a...