Lean Up Your Act: How to Tackle Lean and Win at Design


Jul 7

It's 2014, and that means big changes - not just for Elon Musk, but for small UX consulting firms too! To shake things up a bit, Design For Use has recently overhauled our process from a longish-term Waterfall methodology to the very sexy newish Lean design and testing approach. After attending numerous UX conferences and networking meetups, we were inspired by the iterative and revelatory nature of Agile and Lean methodologies - and, of course, the major perk: less time spent on creating those beautiful deliverables. Armed with guidance from books like Lean UX...

“Great Designers Steal”: Free Tools to Improve Your Designs

Mar 14

Picasso is purported to have remarked, "Good artists borrow, but great artists steal." He probably did not mean it in a literal sense. He wanted to inspire us from great works of arts and re-interpret or re-imagine them in a different way. Here are some references that have inspired us to become better designers.   1. Balsamiq: Its simple, sketchy interface evokes a sense of nostalgia of our playing with crayons as children. The clients don't get distracted by little details, allowing us to focus on important things such as navigation, content prioritization, quantity of...

From the Ground Up: UX Lessons from Startups

Mar 14

User experience, or UX, dictates the strength of the connection between your product and your user—both from a functional standpoint, by how easily the user can accomplish a task, and from an emotional standpoint, which is a sum total of experience during and after using the product. It goes way beyond just the aesthetics, though that is an important part. It’s really about how well the user’s expectations and objectives are met and fulfilled. Sometimes, unexpected delights become even more important to create a loyal base of customers. Therefore, a...

How to Choose a UX Prototyping Tool

Sep 16

A feel of the real is very important in User Experience Design and we often find clients asking for prototypes (proof-of-concept) during the design process. Prototypes better communicate the interactions and navigation of the proposed design than static wireframes and mockups. Prototypes can be created at various stages of the design process (Analysis, Design or actual Test), for an informed user and client feedback to reduce number of design iterations. There is a broad array of prototyping applications available to suit the purpose, skill set and the fidelity required of...

Here, There & Everywhere: Global Design Teams

Jan 7

We always envisioned Design For Use as a geographically distributed design firm. We started our Austin, Texas (USA) and Delhi (India) offices only months apart. Our structure was born more out of a subconscious shrug of the shoulders that this is the only way to go, rather than a conscious strategic decision about “cost arbitrage” or “market opportunities.” As we’ve grown, we have stuck with our global perspective and continued to execute our projects using our internal teams and a network of freelance and contract partners from many different areas...