Improve Website UX: Dump The PDFs

Jan 7

The Right Place at the Right Time: When to Use PDFs By now, it has become common knowledge that PDFs are a problematic format for displaying web content. PDFs may be helpful in presenting standardized versions of forms, reports, and other documents intended for printed use, but their online utility ends there. In addition to being unreadable by web crawlers or screen readers, they take too long to load and interrupt a user’s browsing flow. Some web developers continue to rely on PDFs as a way to communicate information to their...

Reaching Retirees: Web Design for Senior Users

Jun 24

An Aging Population The ongoing world wide demographic shift has rendered the largest population of people over the age of 65 in human history. It is projected that by the year 2020, about 20% (or one in 5) Americans will be over the age of 60 [1]. Interestingly enough, the ever-increasing number of elderly Americans grows as steadily as our reliance on the internet. As such, accessibility and usability affordances must be improved to accommodate the growing audience of senior and retired users whose needs require special consideration. Due to...