A billion opportunities waiting in InsurTech

Credit: CBInsights

Feb 24

An industry seemingly untouched by innovation in India, health insurance is a space left wide open for the intrepid. Health insurance addresses a huge financial vulnerability, yet has a penetration of only 0.16% in India. Since privatization about a decade ago, the experience of buying health insurance has not gotten any easier or more interesting. Given that it makes sense to have a multi-payer model, why do most Indians still take the risk and incur enormous out-of-pocket expenses? Almost 70% of medical costs are still borne out of pocket. This gap...

The Next Big Thing in Travel

Feb 17

Remember when travel involved a lengthy phone call or a physical trip to a travel agent? You probably don’t wish to. When you had to wait for physical airplane tickets to be hand delivered. Where maneuvering dates, reviewing traveler experiences, playing with itineraries was simply-not-imaginable. And then came the Internet. We could suddenly hang out on websites and buy tickets, compare hotels, play with our itinerary. Online travel agents abounded - the Expedias and Travelocities of the world - and you got to plan (without any iterations with a human) your...

Micromax released AroundYu App Launcher for the Yu Phones

Around YU

Mar 17

AroundYu is a unique service that no other Indian phone maker has even attempted. AroundYu comes bundled with the Yu phone’s Cyanogen CM12 operating system. The YU exclusivity is perhaps accentuated that such a feature isn’t available with other Cyanogen devices like OnePlus One and cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Design For Use (DFU), a small global UX firm, collaborated with Micromax to take the idea from conception to reality. AroundYu is intended to be an always-on launcher that opens by a left swiping from the home screen,...

Why Your Mobile UX Design Can’t Wait (And It Better Be Good)

Oct 6

All those people you see around you looking at their mobile devices, they’re not just texting and playing games. They’re getting their work done. They’re tracking their progress on their personal life goals. And they’re doing the research that helps drive purchasing decisions. People are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to accomplish their personal and professional goals. And they expect the products and tools and mobile solutions they use to keep up. The Costs of Not Prioritizing Mobile Design Business budgets are already spread thin and hearing that you absolutely have to...

New To UX? How About This!

Use Experience Design

Sep 15

  You're sitting with friends , driving on the highway or just chilling at home when suddenly you have an idea. It's a new mobile App or website that you're positive can solve a real problem. Things just spiral up from there. SWOT analysis , future projections and these EPIC Designs are all that's playing in your head. You start noticing the finer things in every app you have and analyze every website you like. That's it -- you feel your dream will come true and your idea will be the next big thing...

Lean Up Your Act: How to Tackle Lean and Win at Design


Jul 7

It's 2014, and that means big changes - not just for Elon Musk, but for small UX consulting firms too! To shake things up a bit, Design For Use has recently overhauled our process from a longish-term Waterfall methodology to the very sexy newish Lean design and testing approach. After attending numerous UX conferences and networking meetups, we were inspired by the iterative and revelatory nature of Agile and Lean methodologies - and, of course, the major perk: less time spent on creating those beautiful deliverables. Armed with guidance from books like Lean UX...

Budget Tool Feedback

Mar 14

After deploying a budget tool for the Employee Retirement System (ERS) of Texas and aggregating the results, Design For Use learned that the tool proved successful in accomplishing what it set out to do. The major goals of the project were to: 1) alert members that changes to their healthcare plan are imminent, 2) show how each potential change to the budget has a different impact on savings, and 3) offer users the opportunity to provide feedback around their preferences in making changes to the plan. Overall, users understood that the...

Operational advice for service startups

Feb 8

In the hundreds of articles about building successful startups, service companies get a little short changed due to a lack of glamour and high stakes. Here is some advice on how to focus on the fundamentals to ensure a steady growth of your service business. Especially, in its formative years, given that you have identified a service need successfully. Start with a long term vision and work backwards This sounds a bit fuzzy wuzzy, but it important you do it on an annual basis. Lot of decisions on the target market, type...

Ferris Bueller and Don’t Miss Technology


Apr 4

Ferris Bueller warned us: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Too right, Ferris. And the same is true of the tech industry. Tech moves fast. Trends will pop up like burnt toast, then crumble; apps will come and go; and Facebook will add features that are sneaky and go a little too far. These are the natural laws of tech. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the constant movement in tech and the near-daily launch of hip new products and...

UXclamations Vol 4: Conference Pres, Check

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Mar 4

Christine & Valle recently attended the ConveyUX conference in Seattle - and conducted a 90-minute workshop for some of the industry elite! Find out how it went. [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/137868900" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]   Join Christine & Valle on the second Tuesday of every month for a new UXclamations podcast full of UX antics and analysis. Follow us on Twitter at @holcombe5000 and @valletown....